Cochrane  is an international non-for-profit organization, which is acting as a network of cooperating people involved in healthcare (i.a. researchers, practitioners, patients). The organisation was founded in 1993 as a response to an appeal by the British Epidemiologist Archie Cochrane, which highlighted the lack of summaries of the results of existing randomized controlled trials in various medical specialties, with their validity appraised and periodically updated.

Cochrane promotes decision-making based on reliable scientific information (EBM) included among others in Cochrane systematic reviews produced by the members f the organization. Cochrane systematic reviews assess efficacy of therapeutic, prophylactic and diagnostic interventions, they cannot by funded by commercial sources. Currently it is estimated that over 30 thousands people from 120 countries are involved in Cochrane activities. Cochrane reviews are published in Cochrane Library, which currently contains over 8 thousands records.